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Selekcija 2008 godište igraće na pozivnom turniru „CHAMPIONS TROPHY 2018“ u Beču

The Champions Trophy is the world’s biggest U10 soccer tournament series.
2018 is now our fourth season – as you can see from those impressive figures:
• 128 teams participating at the final tournament 15th/16th/17th June 2018
• 5 near sport facilities at the final tournament
• more than 40 qualification tournaments worldwide from January until May 2018
• more than 1.000 teams involved worldwide
• over 14.000 participating children born 2008 or later
Interested organizers of a Champions Trophy qualification tournament: All you need to do is filling in the attached form and sending it to By requesting the form the respective club confirms accepting points (1-7) of the tournament´s modus operandi outlined following in this letter without any exception.
The request will be confirmed and countersigned by the Champions Trophy at that moment the Champions Trophy license (EUR 1.000,-) is payed by the organizer.
The Champions Trophy license has to be payed into the following account:
Champions Trophy Brunn Gerald Berger MBA Raiffeisen Regionalbank Mödling
IBAN: AT52 3225 0000 0150 8381
Following rules (points 1-7) of the modus operandi of a Champions Trophy qualification tournament
must be accepted and have to be followed. The „organizing club of a Champions Trophy qualification
tournament“ is hereinafter called organizer and Sportshow entertainment e.U. as „promoter of the
Champions Trophy 2018″ is shortly called Champions Trophy.
1. Participation and participants
1.1. The organizer of a qualification tournament is fix qualified for the Champions Trophy 2018
final tournament.
1.2. The organizer has to organize all participating teams of the qualification tournament.
1.3. The number of participating teams at each qualification tournament must be of at least 16
teams. An increase of starters is possible.
1.4. The registration of participating teams for a qualification tournament has to be communicated
directly to the organizer.
1.5. Tournament modus operandi and rules which will be forwarded by Champions Trophy.
1.6. The Champions Trophy qualification tournament 2018 entry fee per team/starter is Euro 70,-
1.7. Participation fees get the organizer.
1.8. The organizer pays a Champions Trophy license (EUR 1.000,-)
1.9. The organizer informs Champions Trophy regularly about the current number and names of
registered teams.
2. Tournament´s modus operandi and rules
2.1. The tournament´s modus operandi and rules are specified by the Champions Trophy and thus
for all qualifiers the same (see “ modus operandi and rules”) to guarantee a fair competition.
2.2. The tournament´s group disposition and schedule will be determined by the organizer.
2.3. The organizer ensures its agreement with the predefined tournament´s modus operandi and
2.4. Tournament´s officials, referees and other relevant human capacity for running the
tournament as well as match balls (min. 2 per pitch) are provided by the organizer.
2.5. It must be explicitly pointed out at the venue that both – organizer and Champions Trophy –
are not liable for any missing valuables from dressing rooms or dressing areas in tents!
2.6. Neither the organizer nor Champions Trophy are liable for physical damage to players during
the qualification tournaments and the final tournament. Organizer and Champions Trophy are
also not liable for damage to third parties (people, animals, objects) when supervisory duties
by parents and / or legal guardians were missed.
2.7. The coach of a participating team is responsible for a proper behaviour of his team members.
3. Final ceremony and Photographs
3.1. The organizer provides a „Qualifier-Trophy“ (the wording „Champions Trophy Qualifier-Winner
2018” must be maintained on the winner´s cup together with the Champions Trophy logo!) for
the winning team.
3.2. Champions Trophy provides an invitation board for a fix starter at the Champions Trophy final
tournament as well as a Champions Trophy outdoor banner.
3.3. In case the organizer wins its qualification tournament, the second finalist will receive the
starter invitation board for the final tournament of the Champions Trophy 2018.
3.4. The organizer must send a picture of the winning team together with the winner trophy and
the starter invitation board in front of the Champions Trophy outdoor banner.
3.5. Photos and filming of participants taken during the tournament may be used by the
Champions Trophy and be published (Internet, press, etc.) free of any copyright charges. User
rights are unlimited in respect of content, space and time, including the use for advertising and
marketing purposes.
4. Notification of results
4.1. Immediately after the tournament (i.e. the same day) the organizer sends the tournament
results via Email to Champions Trophy (
5. Meals/buffet
5.1. The Champions Trophy staff (maximum 2 persons) will receive free drinks and meals.
5.2. If an overnight stay is required for the Champions Trophy staff (maximum 2 persons), the
organizer will take over any accommodation charges.
6. Advertisement
6.1. The organizer represents the Champions Trophy logo on his club’s website and links it to the
official Champions Trophy website.
6.2. The organizer is – in case of an agreement by the Champions Trophy – allowed to use the
official Champions Trophy logo and various Champions Trophy photos.
6.3. All promotional activities regarding the Champions Trophy-Qualifier have to be agreed upon
with the Champions Trophy and kept in a written agreement signed by both parties.
7. Compulsory attendance for the final tournament
7.1. Organizer and winner of the qualification tournament agree to participate in the Champions
Trophy 2018 final tournament (15th /16th /17th June 2018).
7.2. Linked to this agreement on the participation is the overnight stay in one of the final
tournament´s official hotels provided by the Champions Trophy.